5 Unexpected Ways a Press Release Can Help Your Business

One of the most powerful tools in a medical marketing agency’s  arsenal is the press release.  Originating as a way to brief reporters about a potentially newsworthy event, the practice of distributing press releases has moved online and shifted to fall more in line with marketing and SEO.

Today’s press releases are often distributed by marketing agencies to announce new company developments, the addition of a new staff member of service, new locations, or any other important information.  Even though a press release may not be picked up by a newswire, they hold other unique value and can have more benefits than you may think.

1. Press releases help SEO by building backlinks. Backlinks – anchor-text keyword links leading back to your site that are relevant to your SEO campaign – play a key role in search engine optimization.  Google’s algorithm focuses heavily on backlinks to determine which websites get the top-ranking spots for those keywords, and distributing press releases is a great way to build backlinks.

2. They increase your company’s presence online. With your press release showing up in Google for important keywords, your company will see a stronger presence online and be more visible in search engines.

3. They boost traffic to your website (and blog). More visibility means more clicks to your company’s website, and a great press release can mean higher conversion.

4. They improve your company’s credibility. Imagine your company gaining notoriety and authority for those key subjects you write about in your press release.  You’ll not only see increased attention and traffic to your site – with a stronger presence in Google for your keywords and topics, your company will be established as a more credible resource.

5. They give you a platform for social media sharing. Your company’s press releases will give you a number of interactive discussion points on your social media pages.  It provides your users (and potential customers) with something to share and discuss, and many PR distribution websites offer social media shortcut links right on the page for easy sharing.

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