A Comprehensive Guide to Meaningful Use

Gretchen Kalthoff

Gretchen Kalthoff

Posted on May 12, 2016

meaningful useAre you confused about Meaningful Use (MU), or having trouble meeting the requirements?
Trying to understand the CMS’s EHR Incentive Program can be incredibly overwhelming. Nearly 209,000 eligible providers will be receiving Medicare payment cuts for not meeting MU, down from 257,000 previously. The eligible provider penalties range from less than $1,000 to $10,000, while the penalties for eligible hospitals are much higher.
Shari Erickson, the Vice President of Governmental Affairs at the American College of Physicians, says that although the average penalties may not be severe, “the number of physicians not meeting Meaningful Use requirements is concerning, particularly given that the program increases in complexity and percentage of payment at risk for (future) performance years.” It is in your best interest to meet MU requirements as early as possible and to know the ins and outs so you can attest successfully, whether it is your first time reporting or you are preparing to attest proficiently again. Successful Meaningful Use attestation will lead to incentive payments and a more equipped practice.
The latest full Meaningful Use report is available on the Federal Register; however, Bridge Patient Portal has created a complete guide to help you with all aspects of MU. This three part article series outlines the key components of the incentive program and will help keep eligible providers and hospitals informed and ready to successfully attest.
Part I: Stage 1 and 2 Overview, Stage 2 Final Rule Major Changes, and Important Dates >> Read More
Part II: Final Rule on Stage 2’s Objectives and Measures >> Read More
Part III: Frequently Asked Questions >> Read More

Gretchen Kalthoff

Gretchen Kalthoff

Gretchen Kalthoff is a writer and marketing specialist for MWE. She is an expert in healthcare marketing and health IT with a special interest in increasing patient engagement through social media and healthcare technologies.

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