Medical Video Production

Speak to Your Patients Through Video

Do you feel like your patients could never really know you by simply reading words on a webpage?

Video production with Medical Web Experts is the perfect way to tell your practice’s story and make a great first impression. Profile your practice, share testimonials or interview your care providers. You’ll be better equipped to present your message and ensure that your potential patients know exactly what you do.

We offer four medical video production options:

  • 30 seconds. Give a quick snapshot of your practice and make an amazing first impression. 1 edit, 1 interview.
  • 60 seconds. Give a more detailed overview and generate real interest. 2 edits, 2 interviews.
  • 90 seconds. Tell your whole story and engage your customers like no other online medium could. 2 edits, 3 interviews.
  • Custom. Discuss a treatment in-depth or promote a unique aspect of your practice with a longer film.

A video may be just what your practice, hospital or healthcare organization needs to put your marketing campaign in high gear. All videos include edits and interviews, and the professional results will impress your clients and staff.

Promote Your New Video

Your new video is way more than a video. It’s a valuable marketing tool and a great way to boost your internet marketing campaign.

Medical Video Production

Upload your video to social video-sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo, and you’ll provide a launching point for putting your site on important websites it never would have seen otherwise. Users will find your video and click back to your website.

Promoting your video on social media is one of the things we do best. Let your amazing practice be the star of the video, and we’ll help make it a star on the web.

Showcase Sites

Featured Medical Video ProductionCenter for Human Reproduction

9:45 min Custom Video Production – Educational Video on In Vitro Fertilization

Visit our client showcase for more web design success stories.


Medical Web Experts offers three affordable video packages to make the perfect first impression.

  • 30 seconds – $1000
  • 60 seconds – $2000
  • 90 seconds – $3000
  • Custom – $4000 and Up

Contact us online to learn more about medical practice video production and custom pricing.

Questions? Let our experts help!

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