Creating a Free Facebook Page Can Add Brand Value to Your Medical Practice

We previously discussed the power of a website and why you shouldn’t focus solely on social media when it comes to marketing your healthcare practice and building up your brand. Social media can be effective, however, as a complement to an existing marketing campaign. It can allow you to:

  • Connect with patients and start building lasting relationships.
  • Become part of the conversation – or better yet, start a conversation of your own.
  • Share news about your practice and promote your website.

Many healthcare organizations choose Facebook as their main social media destination due to the fact that it tends to the most popular site, particularly among women and adults 18 to 29. Plus, starting a Facebook page is easy and FREE. The following infographic from Lab42 provides some insight into the much sought-after Facebook “Like” and what your practice can learn about connecting and interacting with patients online.

Lab42 Market Research
Courtesy of: Lab42

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