Facebook for Doctors – Does a Physician need a Facebook Account

To start with Facebook, you will need to set up a fan page for your medical practice.
Once completed, you can start posting. It’s recommended not to post too much or everyday, as you will be mistaken for a spammer; don’t post as infrequently as every 15 days either, as you need to be active. So you have really think about what you are posting.  Useful information, new practices and new discoveries never disappoint. And always remember, the shorter, the better. Everything in social media is fast, so if you publish an article that will take 30 minutes to read, it probably won’t get too much attention.
Providing useful content to your patients help them keep your medical practice in their minds in a positive way.

In Facebook pages for doctors, you won’t have friends – you have fans. Once you have 25 you could set up a Facebook address.
Updated: October 4, 2011

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