Finding the Best Internet Marketing Campaign for your Medical Practice

Candice Claassen

Candice Claassen

Posted on June 10, 2011

Whether you have a 5-person staff working in a small town office or you’re running a big city, multi-location practice, it is essential that you invest in the right kind of physician practice marketing campaign. Most doctors hear the word “marketing” and they imagine buckets of money being poured into paper ads but in today’s day and age, marketing has turned into a revolutionary solution for all businesses including the medical industry. Internet Marketing, specifically, allows practices of all sizes and budgets to choose a variety of campaigns that are developed to meet their specific needs such as bringing in new business, getting their name out there and announcing new products or services. Whatever the need be, medical website designers New Wave Marketing can help find the solution!
One of the most popular and most effective marketing solutions for physicians is Search Engine Optimization, also referred to as SEO. SEO is structured to improve the visibility of a website on search engines through an organic approach, which is a natural, un-paid method. It is designed to place the website as close to the top of the results page as possible. In general, the pages that appear first on this list get the most visitors, which results in more business for the company. As a strategy, SEO considers how search engines operate, what people look for, the actual words typed into the search engines and which ones are chosen by their targeted audience. This marketing package can be pricey because it is made up of several effective marketing strategies including on page optimization, inbound links, directory submission, online press releases, article distribution and PPC campaigns with carefully selected keywords and compelling ads. If your practice is on a tight budget, these strategies can be implemented on an individual basis.
PPC Campaigns, or pay-per-click, is internet advertising used on websites, where advertisers pay the site only when the ad is clicked on by a person. This method allows the advertiser to see exactly how many people click on their ads, and compare it to the new business they bring in from it. Paying just for every click helps practices keep their budget low and see the direct result of their marketing investment.
Another popular and fairly new marketing strategy New Wave Marketing offers is online press releases. This is a great option for practices that generally have a weekly or biweekly announcement to make that can help bring in new business. These announcements can be anything from the release of a new product, a special sale offer for a limited time only, new practice methods or even just a way to inform patients. The press release is published in major news and social media websites and can attract a lot of attention. With press releases, the doctor can go in to details with its practices instead of having to come up with a few creative words for an online ad.
Similar to the press release strategy, doctors can choose to market their practice by using a monthly newsletter. Newsletters are like press releases, in that they both share specific information with their readers; however a newsletter is generally emailed out to a list of email addresses on file with the practice. This is a nice and easy way to share updates with patients who have already been to the office or new patients who have shown an interest in the practice by filling out some sort of a “contact us” form. The newsletter is very economical, helps physicians stay in contact with their patients and maintains a faithful relationship.
There are endless medical marketing services for every practice and budget. New Wave Marketing makes it their priority to help its clients find the right solution to its marketing needs. If your practice is in need of finding new business and getting your name out there, then online marketing is the way to go. You may think that a marketing campaign is not a possibility for your practice, but even if your practice is on a tight budget you won’t regret the decision.  After all, you have to invest money to make money.

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