Healthcare Professionals Use Social Media to Learn From, Connect With Other Experts

Guest Writer

Guest Writer

Posted on January 17, 2014

Guest post by Frank Irving, Editor of Medical Practice Insider.

Social MediaMore than 60 percent of physicians scan or explore social media daily or weekly, and the majority of them believe that using social media can improve the care they deliver. That’s according to a study eMarketer released earlier this year.
Indeed, about 30,000 physicians have watched or discussed presentations from Mayo Clinic experts since November through QuantiaMD, a social learning and collaboration platform. The on-demand, voice-over-PowerPoint presentations allow physicians — regardless of practice setting — to ask questions of presenters and participate in peer-to-peer dialogue in a format similar to Facebook.
Once a presentation has been posted on QuantiaMD, physicians in the online community can view it on web-based or mobile devices, and then typically have a two- to four-week window in which they may post questions for the presenter. “A discussion thread unfolds right underneath the presentation,” explained Greg Shenk, vice president of marketing at Quantia.
“It’s the collaboration that really makes the site unique,” Shenk told Medical Practice Insider. “Sometimes, even before the presenter can reply, another doctor will have chimed in and already answered the question. The presenter can comment, ‘Yes, that’s absolutely correct’ or add something on top of what has already been said.”
Presentations range from about five to seven minutes in length. Shenk said physicians tend to view the content after office hours or between patients at lunchtime. Topics are clinically oriented — for example, focusing on areas such as depression or young-onset colon cancer — but also address practice profitability. The typical physician spends about 20 minutes per session interacting with peers on the site, according to Quantia.
Quantia said about 30 percent of physicians nationwide use their platform to learn from experts or collaborate with peers. According to Shenk, Mayo Clinic is using the platform to communicate research or clinical information with doctors across the country. “It’s an opportunity for them to continue to build on their thought leadership in the physician community.”
Overall, Quantia has about 750 clinical faculty members that work with the company’s editorial team to produce presentations on the site.
“This social media setting provides a unique opportunity for us to engage physicians on their time about important clinical topics that can benefit their practice and patients,” said Dawn Davis, MD, practice chair of dermatology at Mayo Clinic, in a prepared statement.
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