Hospitals on Facebook: Elements of Healthy Networking

Candice Claassen

Candice Claassen

Posted on November 20, 2014

Healthcare consumers are increasingly using Facebook to search for medical advice and connect with other patients and providers. There is mounting evidence that Facebook plans to incorporate healthcare into its network more systematically, meaning the platform may soon extend greater influence over the medical industry. Hospitals can use this influence to their advantage by improving their social media marketing, so consider the following elements as you create and maintain your Facebook page.


Brand Building

A successful social media campaign begins with the clarification of three main concepts: brand identity, user experience, and user engagement. A hospital’s brand identity is based on the set of values it represents; it is the personality of the organization as perceived by patients. What do users experience by engaging with your organization– trust, safety, a sense of competence or innovation? Does your social media presence express a distant institution or a compassionate team of professionals?

Smart Coordination

The more you understand about the consumer’s experience, the better equipped you will be to create a detailed plan and timeline for the execution of your social media strategy. A single professional should be in charge of social media coordination so as not to diffuse responsibility for posting, but the entire team should be supporting the page and representing the brand identity. The majority of content can be planned ahead of time and should include relevant research about healthcare news and current events.

Language and Tone

Personal and authentic language encourages a high degree of interaction between hospitals and users. A positive tone encourages a safe community in which users can connect by sharing experiences and recommending hospital services. Always be willing to answer questions and provide assistance, and avoid deleting comments. Facebook is a great way to get feedback and respond to it, and maintaining a professional and positive tone will maintain your credibility.

Continual Growth and Engagement

Your social media presence is a series of iterations that build a coherent image. The more you post, the more you will evolve and improve. Word-of-mouth advertising is often the strongest, so jumpstart this growth by opening the floor to your consumers. Post a news story and ask what people think of it. Encourage people to share their experiences with symptoms and treatments. Visuals are another important way to engage social media users. Staff photos and educational infographics are a popular way to boost comments, likes and shares.

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