How do I set up Google Places for my Medical Practice?

Google Places: How do I make it Work!?

Setting up Google Places Listing really helps in local internet marketing for doctors.

  • The first steps to creating your Google places listing is to CLAIM YOUR BUSINESS. Make sure that your listing has not already been cached by Google, by inputting the phone number of the business into Google Maps. There you will either see a listing that already exists, or you will have to create a new listing.
    Generally Google already has the listing up since they know most of the phone numbers that are on the market. Open up the listing and claim it as the Business Owner.
  • Next go into your Google places account, that you have set up and fill out all the appropriate information that should be filled in, so that your listing is 100% complete.
  • You will be sent a PIN by phone or by post card so that you can confirm the listing.
  • Important: Category: When working onĀ  local SEO for doctors is important to submit the more information you can. Google Places requires the use of at least one standard category. Begin by typing your top keywords and choose the most relevant category. Use all the 5 categories that Google offers. Think about your keywords when putting the category choices in because they are more relevant to your website.
  • In addition always make sure that the name of the listing makes sense and you are not just putting too much information that Google will later discard.
    Make your pictures relevant and always name them with keywords that are appropriate so that it also helps with SEO.

Updated: October 4, 2011

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