Local SEO: The Tips and Tricks to Getting Local

Candice Claassen

Candice Claassen

Posted on July 29, 2011

Should you have zip codes at the footer of your page? Will this boost results?
Yes, but not too many! In order for your page to get higher ranks in Google, you will want to have added the address of your company not only to the footer of the page, but also to a separate contact page created especially for your site.  Here is a list of the top 10 MUST have’s on your site so that you can boost results and rank higher in the search engines.
1) Mention up to 6 different zips/cities, but not more than that in the footer of your site.
2) Sometimes one town can have multiple zip codes but that still doesn’t mean you should avoid them in your content and meta tags. Your address in the footer and a contact page helps a great deal with your local search engine optimization attempts.
3) Right now, it`s 95% about the links pointing to your site. If you want to rank for 94062 Internal Medicine, get links from other (hopefully authoritative) sites using `94062 Internal Medicine ` as the anchor text.
4) Have your physical location on every page of your website.
5) Your local phone number needs to be on every page of your website.
6) Place your physical address at the top of your “Contact Us” page.
7) List your street, city, state and zip code in the “keyword” meta tags for all your web pages.
8) Wherever appropriate, include your location in your page Titles.
9) Mention the name of a shopping mall, or industrial park, or other significant place (street, avenue, etc.) that will help people find you. Mention you are “nearby historic Union Square” or other details like these to make this page a nice meaty one for the web.
10) Driving directions from all directions should also be included.

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