Medical Marketing Blog Provides Tips and Strategies in Post-Healthcare Reform Era

Marie Westerhof

Marie Westerhof

Posted on August 26, 2011

August 26, 2011 (San Diego, CA) – Medical marketing firm Medical Web Experts is announcing the recent launch of their new blog,  The blog provides the medical industry with tips and strategies for marketing, branding, social media and web design tips as well as offering the latest information on search engine optimization (SEO).
Started in April 2011, the blog contains a wealth of informative articles on topics including internet marketing techniques, SEO strategies and tips, profiles of well-built medical websites, social media tactics, patient portals and calculating ROI to determine whether SEO is a good investment for the company.  Medical Web Experts posts new information 2-3 times per week, making the blog a frequently updated resource for online marketing information.
“In this post-healthcare reform era, physicians more than ever need to pay closer attention to marketing – specifically in marketing services that have higher profit margins,” says John Deutsch, President and CEO of Medical Web Experts.  “In the same way, vendors that rely on revenue from physicians, who generally have less cash on hand, need to implement marketing plans that have higher ROIs. The Medical Web Experts Blog is designed to help both physicians and medical vendors with these challenging marketing decisions.”
Medical Web Experts is uniquely positioned to provide solutions and services specifically for companies in the healthcare industry, and the staff has experience and expertise that prepares them to work in this division.  They offer highly specialized marketing and web design services for medical practices, hospitals, EMR providers and healthcare IT companies.  Also specializing in custom programming, they offer a patient portal customizable to any practice’s needs and specifications.  Blog contributors include a registered nurse as well as experts in SEO and EMR (electronic medical record) development.
As search engine algorithms are constantly changing, it’s important to stay on top of SEO and web design news.  It’s important for doctors interested in building a website to keep abreast of current trends, and reading Medical Web Experts’ new blog can help those with even novice knowledge of the internet stay ahead.
About Medical Web Experts
Medical Web Experts is a subsidiary of internet marketing company New Wave Marketing LLC, which provides affordable marketing and web design services for any business.  Medical Web Experts offers custom websites for physicians in any specialty, patient portals, EMR integration, and internet marketing services.  For more information, visit

Marie Westerhof

Marie Westerhof

Marie is the Director of Marketing at Medical Web Experts, and has over 10 years of experience in the development and execution of digital marketing campaigns for healthcare organizations. She also heads complex medical writing projects for healthcare networks, hospitals, large physician groups, and independent physician practices.

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