Photographs with Medical Testimonials: Valuable and Trustworthy or Just a Waste of Space?

Julie Ho

Julie Ho

Posted on April 23, 2014

Testimonials from patients and providers included in your healthcare organization’s medical website design can make you look more credible and give potential patients a sense of the experience and services that they might get if they choose your hospital or practice. But not all medical testimonials are equally valuable. If not done correctly, they could just be taking up space on your website.
By making your testimonial images more personal, you can increase your healthcare website’s conversion rates. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Authentic images will catch your site visitor’s eye.

If social media is any indication, today’s generation is enticed more by visual stimulation as opposed to the written word; so it makes sense for your website to feature meaningful images and pictures. But I’m not talking about ordinary stock images, nor am I talking about award-winning Time published sunsets. The images I’m referring to are of “ordinary Joe-Soap” looking characters, which actually hold a large amount of authority in the field in which you are trying to sell the product or service.

2. Your doctors are your most credible figures.

Here is where the lead physician in your practice comes into play. An image of a physician that is well respected in his or her field can give patients a sense of the quality treatment they are likely to receive. Don’t be afraid to include the physician’s credentials. Many people like initials, others are indifferent, but you can be sure these qualifications will be respected, if nothing else. Everybody wants to know that their health is in capable hands.

3. People trust their peers.

A positive testimonial from a patient who has been treated by one of your star physicians can also be effective. In terms of which doctor to go with for medical treatment, most would prefer to follow someone they can relate to. Testimonials from previous patients only work, however, if a picture is present to convince the visitor that this person actually exists. Simply adding a large image of a patient next to a testimonial can double the rate of conversion – not to mention, it looks more appealing. Without the image it’s only words on a blank canvas.

4. Get testimonials from authority figures to give you an edge.

Many articles online also suggest that pictures with testimonials from authority figures tend to work much better than testimonials from everyday people. Even if visiting customers don’t know who the figure is, if their title is included, along with any relevant and recognized awards, people tend to trust the figure. I know I do. The following testimonial on our patient portal page is a great example.

doctor testimonial

A respected local celebrity, sports star or politician can also do the trick. A short testimonial from them on your homepage could reap immediate benefits.
Have you implemented any of these strategies on your medical website? Which one have you found to be most effective?

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