Three Quick Tips to Improve Your Healthcare Organization’s Email Marketing Campaign

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Posted on June 19, 2014

email marketing
Email marketing can be extremely effective for getting new customers and promoting your brand. Plus, it can be carried out with little to no cost to your organization.
Because of this outbound strategy’s high return on investment, email marketing has seen a remarkable increase in efforts, with more and more businesses recognizing the value of a successful email marketing campaign. In fact, according to, 56% of businesses planned to expand their email campaign efforts in 2013.
If your healthcare organization wants to be an email marketing pioneer, you can follow these three quick tips to reach the right audience and see positive results.

1. Make your subject lines speak to your audience.

Regardless of the goal you are looking to achieve with your email marketing campaign, the subject line of your email is, far and away, one of the most important things you should be spending time on.
The average email subscriber receives 416 commercial emails a month – and with email marketing on the rise for many companies, that inbox number is likely to grow. This means that email subject lines are going to be more important than ever. According to one study, 35% of email recipients decide to open an email based on the subject line alone.
For your email campaigns, try and keep your subject lines short and to the point (without sounding canned). You should also consider ways to show your audience the value they’ll get by opening and reading your email.
Additional Tip: Spend some time thinking about who your email is coming from, as well. Is your audience familiar with your brand? If so, a “from” field with your brand name is probably acceptable. However, if you’re reaching out to a new audience, a “from” field with a person’s name from your company is the better bet. An intriguing subject line and “from” field are important factors in determining whether or not your audience ultimately opens your email or sends it to the junk pile.

2. Consider where you place your calls to action.

Take some time to really think about the purpose of the email you are sending. The goal of each email you send should be to make the recipient take some kind of action. Do you want people to sign up for your newsletter? Would you like for them to click through to see more information on a new promotion? Whatever the specific case may be, it’s important that your calls to action are clear and prominently displayed early on.
Recipients rarely spend a lot of time with these emails, and many only read the subject line or the first few lines of your message. It is, therefore, vital to the success of your email marketing efforts that your present your calls to action as soon as possible.

3. Optimize for mobile.

It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: optimizing for mobile is a must for digital marketing success these days. A study by Litmus shows that 66% of Gmail opens occur on mobile devices. This means that it is important to think about your email content in terms of swipes and taps, and not just clicks.
Before you send your first email, test it on mobile devices to get an idea of what your users are going to experience. A poor user experience will have a negative effect on your marketing efforts, as 63% of consumers delete emails immediately that are not optimized for their mobile device.
Is your healthcare organization currently using email marketing or other medical marketing services? Let us know what you have learned.
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