Driving Your Healthcare Marketing Further in 2016

online marketingIn a rapidly changing environment, it’s imperative that healthcare marketers remain focused on innovation, industry issues, trends and new technologies. Here, we look at a few key focus areas that healthcare organizations should have their eye on and incorporate into their medical marketing services for 2016.

1. Focus On Internet & Mobile Technologies

Digital marketing has totally changed the way that consumers manage their health, search for information, and interact with healthcare providers. With so many accessible options, medical organizations must continue to master online marketing by utilizing social media, medical SEO, and paid search as a major component of advertising campaigns. The use of videos is also starting to gain traction in the healthcare marketing world, with companies using videos to engage with patients in a new way. Looking forward, consider digital marketing as a key focus, rather than an afterthought.

2. Engage With Patients

One of the greatest benefits social media has delivered is the opportunity to build and cultivate physician-patient relationships. Communication is now a two-way street, and companies that encourage consumer interaction will ultimately benefit the most. Sharing of quality content on social media platforms has enormous potential to project your brand to a broader audience, where successful campaigns harness a style that is not just about a “hard sell”, but rather incorporates entertainment or valuable information and a message that resonates with customers.

3. Look For A Niche

Targeting specific demographic groups with specific messages has always been an effective marketing strategy. Digital technologies have made this targeting even easier; however, marketers must consider developing content that is geared towards each specific group.

Success will depend on developing connections with, and appealing to, different segments, such as older patients. Seniors are more tech-savvy than you think, so consider connecting with them through digital platforms. Likewise, it’s possible to identify and target groups outside of your local area, meaning you can extend the reach of your digital efforts.

4. Develop Content That Stands Out

On a daily basis, consumers are exposed to a plethora of marketing messages and images. Those that will get noticed and stand out in such a cluttered environment will spark the interest of potential patients. Ensure that your advertising aligns with what consumers want while emotionally stimulating them, so they want to investigate and engage further. Also think about how your product or service helps consumers in their daily life and provides a solution.

5. Build a Corporate Image & Identity

Corporate image or reputation is how others perceive you, from the outside. For healthcare organizations, this is critical. It is the foundation of your brand and must be properly developed and managed. The right image creates a level of trust between you and consumers. Sometimes, a company image can be affected, or damaged by, a negative incident and/or bad publicity. If this happens, it’s important to be adequately prepared with procedures in place to handle the way in which you respond, such as reputation management to protect your organization’s brand. On the flip side, don’t be shy about communicating your successes in order to favorably enhance your image.

By focusing your efforts on these five key areas, your medical marketing services can continue to drive impactful and positive results for your business in 2016.


Gretchen Kalthoff is a writer and marketing specialist for MWE. She is an expert in healthcare marketing and health IT with a special interest in increasing patient engagement through social media and healthcare technologies.

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