How Your Practice Can Benefit From the Hidden Features of Social Media

healthcare social mediaSocial media has come long a way since Facebook was first launched. LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ have been added to the fold, and each platform is continuously updating and modifying their product in response to customer needs.

It’s no easy job keeping up with the all changes, but we’ve rounded up the best hidden features that you can take advantage of to help improve your medical marketing services.

Review “Other” Facebook Messages

To the right of your regular Inbox, there is a tab titled “Other” with messages from people you are not connected with, or who have not liked your page. In some cases, users may not want to commit to following you socially, yet can still send you a message. It’s important to check and respond to your “Other” inbox to ensure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to communicate and convert potential patients.

Review Your Facebook Page as a Visitor

Take time once a week to see your page as a visitor would. This can help you determine what’s working and what’s not. Look at the information and links that have been posted and see if anything needs more work. “View as page visitor” can be found to the right of the ‘Share’ box that appears at the bottom right hand corner of your cover photo.

Embed Slideshare Presentations in Twitter

When you link to presentations through Twitter it will automatically embed them, meaning that users can flip through the presentation without having to leave Twitter. This can be a valuable way to help marketing for doctors via broadcasting new information that benefits your medical practice and keeps current and potential patients informed. Linking to your blog or website can also help improve website traffic, and consequently patient volume.

Embed Your Twitter Feed Into Your Website

Advertise your Twitter feed via your website with the embedded feed option. Twitter has all the instructions you need under ‘Create a user widget’. This can benefit your medical practice’s search engine visibility and help make your website look current and up to date.

Manage LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn contacts can be particularly beneficial for your professional credibility, industry connection and referral business. To ensure you effectively maintain your relationships, keep track via the Relationship Notes feature. Here, you can include details such as how you met and any other important points.

You can also export your LinkedIn connections complete with Name, Title, Company Name and Email Address.

Harnessing these tips and tricks can help to improve the impact that various social media tools have on your medical marketing strategy. Social media users are current and potential patients, so be sure to use the tools available to your advantage.

Gretchen Kalthoff is a writer and marketing specialist for MWE. She is an expert in healthcare marketing and health IT with a special interest in increasing patient engagement through social media and healthcare technologies.

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