Marketing a Medical Practice: Traditional vs Online Marketing

Flora Dido

Flora Dido

Posted on August 31, 2011

2011, Technology is everywhere… and you can’t imagine living without that small tiny life savior called smartphone. Internet is your basis, and you trust Google more than you trust your neighbor.
Still, not so many people trust Online Marketing, often professionals view Internet Marketing as something not so very clear, specially when we talk about marketing a medical practice.
Here are some statistics to understand why nowadays being online is so valuable.
Search marketing is the most efficient way for patients to find information and the best way for doctors to find and acquire new patients.
What Online Marketing has to offer?

  • Specific Target

You can set your target using keywords, locations even special sites, You won’t loose time or money reaching people who is not interested in your medical practice, they look for you.

  • Instant Conversion

When you market online you have the ability to convert at that exact moment. It doesn’t happen the same when advertising in newspapers or television.

  • Analytics

Marketing online allows you to see results using online analytics to make a determination on how your marketing campaign is performing. Is really difficult to know were an advertising campaign is working or not, unless you have paid for a really huge billboard, its hard to notice.

  • Money

In spite of having all this benefits, Its still cheaper creating an online campaign, the cost – benefit relationship is still higher than advertising. You can reach more than 100 people just in one week, and as said before… people who are actually looking for your practice
Internet Marketing is the most effective way of gaining product awareness, informing or educating potential new patients compared to traditional ways of advertising. And Medical Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to be there, on the internet.

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