Why Make Your Medical Website Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile technology doesn’t display your website on a smartphone the same way it looks on a desktop computer. A non-mobile-friendly website might not fit neatly on a patient or customer’s phone screen, requiring extra scrolling and making navigation difficult. It could affect the amount of time that users stay on your website, as well as whether or not they come back.

mobile friendly website

Limitations of non-mobile optimized websites

Small text. Pages with long text are no problem to read on a desktop computer screen, however, on a phone they are difficult to read and scroll through.

Stretched navigation bar and text. Font size and attractive navigation bars are also designed to fit on a bigger screen. If they are not optimized for mobile devices, they can appear stretched out and ultimately detract visitors from going on your website.

Cramped graphics. Non-mobile friendly websites can have bad functionality when buttons and links are hard to click because they’re too close together.

Missing Flash elements. Flash elements such as videos and banners don’t display properly on mobile devices because of their larger size.

Slow loading speed. Your website’s pages load faster on a computer than they can on a smart phone. When a mobile device attempts to load a page with a lot of images and text, it can take a long time to load or not appear at all.

With a mobile medical website design from Medical Web Experts, you’ll be able to eliminate unnecessary functions from your website, streamline its usability and give your clients more reasons to visit your site (and attract new clients as well). You’ll provide key features that your competition doesn’t, giving you a leg up and preparing you for the growing popularity of mobile web browsing.

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