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Businesses and organizations in the healthcare industry have unique needs when it comes to online marketing, and we know what it takes to make your healthcare digital marketing campaign successful.

Social media marketing is not a “one-size-fits-all” channel – crafting a successful social media campaign for a medical business requires special expertise and advanced knowledge not just of the healthcare industry as a whole, but of the medical specialty or subsector within which your business operates.

If you’re thinking about social media marketing, trust the experts. We’ve been managing digital marketing campaigns for healthcare clients since 2003.

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Why Market Your Business on Social Media?

Social media is a valuable tool for reaching prospective or existing customers, and increasing traffic to your healthcare website.

  • Build brand awareness and trust. Increase recognition of your brand name among social media users, and build trust by giving your customers a channel through which to talk about you.
  • Run highly-targeted ad campaigns. Increase traffic to your website and promote individual products or services by running healthcare pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Reddit advertising. Your audience can be fine-tuned based on demographic factors like age, gender, parental status, interests, and more to ensure that you’re only reaching relevant users.
  • Promote your events, classes, and content. If your company hosts classes or events, or produces digital content like blog posts, videos, or webinars, social media offers a way to increase registration and readership.
  • Supplement your SEO efforts. Having active social media pages increases your site’s presence in search engine results pages, as well as influences your Google rankings.

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100% HIPAA Compliance on Social Media

Healthcare is a highly-regulated industry, and your business is likely subject to a number of federal, state, and even local regulations. Your social media presence is no exception.

t’s important to choose a social media marketing agency with special expertise in the healthcare industry, because HIPAA violations on social media can result in fines and negative publicity for your organization. Your social media marketing agency needs to know how to:

  • Respond when a patient discloses their own PHI via comment or private message, or review
  • Answer an online review from a patient in a HIPAA-compliant way
  • Engage users without inviting them to disclose PHI
  • Create content that doesn’t share PHI
  • Run ad campaigns that don’t collect PHI in a non-HIPAA-compliant manner

We’ve been developing and enforcing security practices for medical marketing campaigns, medical websites, portals, and apps since 2003, as well as understanding legal regulations that apply to these businesses and applying those regulations to their website.

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