Social Media Can Really Boost Your Business, Study Shows

Javier Shannon

Javier Shannon

Posted on April 20, 2011

Social media has become far more than making friends and keeping in touch.
Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are becoming an integral part of today`s online marketing strategy, and having a presence on these websites pays off.  A recent study performed by two top research technology firms shows that having a lot of fans on Facebook – and a lot of followers on Twitter – is strongly linked to high profits and media buzz.  The study shows that 60% of Facebook users and 79% of Twitter users who follow a particular brand on social media are more likely to recommend those brands.  And it`s not just online buzz a company`s fans are creating: 51% of Facebook users and 67% of Twitter users who follow a brand are more likely to actually purchase the brands they follow.
What`s more, people are using Facebook more and more to find medical information.  According to a recent survey by the National Research Corporation, 41% of U.S. residents use social media to find medical information.  Americans are using Facebook for disease research and awareness, diet and exercise advice, medical videos, and more – and many claim that the information they find on social media would likely influence their future health and medical decisions.
So what makes social media so much different than a traditional web page?  Having Facebook and Twitter accounts set up for a medical practice allows patients (and potential patients) to interact directly with the practice, to communicate with each other, and to share the resources they find instantly.  With social media account services from Medical Web Experts, practices and medical services can seamlessly integrate Twitter and Facebook into their total marketing plan without needing to set up accounts, create content to post, or manage the pages.  In 2011, social media is more than buzz or branding – it`s an essential marketing plan to build up your practice and your business.
Updated: October 4, 2011

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