Three Ways Video Can Help Your Medical Practice: Part 2 – Links

Video can be an enormous help for your medical website design and marketing efforts.  Let’s continue by looking at the other two main functions of video in a medical marketing campaign.

Video Function #2:  Links to your site
Imagine an easy way to get other people to link to your website and talk about your medical practice.  A video – if posted, hosted, and embedded the right way – can bring a huge amount of traffic to your webpage as well as help you place links to your practice’s website all over the internet.

Matt CuttsIn sharing a video, users will either A) embed the video in another page or on a social media profile or B) share the URL of the page that the actual video is on (e.g.  Though people embedding your videos can be helpful too, when they take the second approach your practice is afforded an easy way to share links to its website.  By adding a keyword anchor text link or a live URL to your website on the page, you’ll pass links to your site all over the place.  These links can also serve to help out your SEO campaign by passing the link juice on to your website.

You’ll need to create a video that people will want to link to, just like a video for branding purposes.  A great way to get started is with an informative video that explains some concept that can be related to your company – for example, Google’s videos featuring interviews with SEO expert Matt Cutts answering questions from users.

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Marie is the Director of Marketing at Medical Web Experts, and has been working in healthcare marketing and web development since 2010.

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