Post-Penguin Apocalypse: How Google’s Algorithm Could Affect Your Medical Website

Google Penguin 2.0In May, Google released a new search engine algorithm, referred to as Penguin 2.0, which meant no more SEO tricks for marketing professionals looking to get customers to the holy-grail spot in search results: #1. This giant shift in how Google ranks website pages has dramatically changed marketing tactics for SEO companies, particularly those who in the past relied on keyword-stuffing (loading a webpage with keywords in an attempt to manipulate rankings).

Because of the new algorithm, companies that want to see themselves at the top of the search results page need to switch to more comprehensive marketing campaigns that focus on high-quality content. Businesses that don’t adapt to meet Google’s new rules could see their search engine rankings fall slowly (or dramatically).

If your medical website has been suffering since Penguin 2.0’s release, it could be due to your marketing company’s tactics. Many healthcare businesses have been complaining of hollow promises by SEO companies to achieve Page 1 results. When old marketing approaches are used, however, it is impossible to achieve those promised goals. Since different online marketing campaigns require different skills and expertise, make sure you choose a company that has significant experience in different aspects of online marketing for doctors. More importantly, however, make sure that they have made appropriate changes to their SEO approach.

Online marketing can be extremely overwhelming if you don’t have the staff, resources and technical knowledge – so you might also want to consider hiring a marketing company that knows about the medical industry and works with writers who do too. One way to find out whether a company produces quality work is to see whether they have satisfied clients. Most importantly, when working on your SEO strategy, don’t get caught up with the hype and promises of the infamous Page 1. If you focus on publishing quality content on your website – content that’s helpful to patients and interesting to read – Google won’t punish your site and people will be able to find it more easily.

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