2017: The Year of Video for Healthcare Web Design and Marketing

Marina Komarovsky, MS, MPH

Marina Komarovsky, MS, MPH

Posted on January 11, 2017

Video Marketing
As healthcare organizations map out development and marketing projects for the year, there’s an important trend to consider: video marketing. Software company HighQ presents a noteworthy infographic on why video will be one of the top marketing trends in the year 2017. With 55% of people watching online videos on a daily basis and 78% engaging with videos weekly, the popularity of this channel is unmistakeable. But how exactly does this play into healthcare marketing in particular?

Video and Healthcare Website Design: The Face of Your Practice

The home page of your website is the face of your healthcare organization — and it’s also the launching point for prospective patients as they begin to search for information on health conditions, treatments, locations, and physicians. Video incorporated into your home page design presents a unique opportunity to introduce your hospital or healthcare organization before a user proceeds to the navigation. A few minutes is enough to show a prospective patient around the facilities, give him or her a chance to meet some of your doctors, and highlight the initiatives, specialties, and philosophies that make your healthcare organization stand out. Medical Web Experts worked with one of our clients to create an educational video gallery, including an introductory video that is also featured on the client’s home page. With the video, the practice was able to introduce its team of physicians, showcase its research expertise, and discuss its innovative treatment approaches.

Testimonials: Using Video to Share Experience

What is it like to become a patient here? What is the treatment process like for my condition? Will I feel that I’m in good hands? Will all my questions and concerns be answered? In choosing a healthcare provider, patients are trying to understand what they can expect once they make an appointment. When a patient tells his or her story in a video testimonial, it’s an authentic, personal way of showing just what the experience will be like. Much more engaging and powerful than the written testimonial, video is taking over as the modern platform for sharing healthcare narratives. In addition to appearing on your site and in email marketing materials, these testimonials — along with your other videos — also become valuable social media material, increasing your reach through sharing.

Email and Social Media in Healthcare Marketing: The “Video” Buzzword

[related_content] Prospective patients are busy and on the go, and chances are that information about your healthcare organization isn’t the most interesting thing in their inboxes. What is? The “Video” buzzword. According to HighQ, using the word “video” in the subject line of a marketing email boosts the number of people opening it by 19%, with the click-through rate — the percentage of people clicking on a link inside your email — shooting up by 65%. A variety of videos can be incorporated into healthcare email campaigns, from patient education, to doctor intros, to testimonials. With educational videos in particular, your hospital or healthcare organization becomes a trustworthy source of information, likely to also be considered by prospective patients for care.

Marina Komarovsky, MS, MPH

Marina Komarovsky, MS, MPH

Marina is a writer who specializes in healthcare policy, patient engagement, and telemedicine. She has a special interest in creative tech approaches that help provider teams collaborate better, improve patient experience, and reduce health disparities.

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