Benefits of Medical Video Production (Part 1)

Learn how your medical practice can benefit from the power of YouTube and medical video production.

Did you know that YouTube boasts the second highest search volume on the internet next to Google? In fact each month there is an astronomical 13 BILLION video clips viewed each month by people from all around the world. This huge (and largely untapped) resource for marketing can be utilized by your medical practice via a medical video production in order to help grow your business in increase your overall online presence.

1. Demonstrate Your Services

Many people think that You Tube is used only by young people entertaining themselves with music videos or TV clips. However, the reality is that there are 35 million searches each month for “how-to” type videos which means that a large portion of the audience is looking for answers to a specific question.

As a medical practice, you can demonstrate your authority in a particular area by making a video on a procedure, treatment, or therapy which answers a specific question that views may have. In fact, a very effective strategy for this type of medical video production is to create a series of videos (published on your YouTube channel) addressing a series of questions/topics related to your expertise.

By providing these types of answers through a video format you not only are demonstrating your practices knowledge and expertise, but you are “branding” yourself as an authority in your field.

2. Humanize your Practice

No matter how good the text on your website may be, it can never have the same “humanizing” effect as a video. Videos allow the viewer to feel like they are receiving a personal interaction with the medical professional, gives them added confidence in your authority, and makes them feel connected to your practice even before they pick up the phone to make an appointment.

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