Three Ways Video Can Help Your Medical Practice: Part 3 – SEO

Marketing for doctors has moved into the twenty-first century – and a video marketing campaign is a great way to build up your efforts and increase traffic to your site.  Let’s examine the third function of video.

Video SEOVideo Function #3:  Your SEO campaign
As far as your search engine optimization campaign is concerned, the main goal of a video is to increase search engine rankings results and boost web traffic.  Releasing a well-made video featuring your practice can be a great way to boost your SEO campaign and bring your site up in the search engines.

This is mostly accomplished through sharing and backlinks.  A tip from the pros is to host the video yourself rather than using YouTube or Vimeo – this means that you can program it so that it can’t be embedded in any other website or social media profile.  This encourages people to link to the actual URL on your website where the video is featured.  Be sure to build up and perfect the content and links on that page, and once your star video is uploaded you can put the word out with your marketing campaign.  This tip will also help you get rich snippets in Google search engine results.

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Marie is the Director of Marketing at Medical Web Experts, and has been working in healthcare marketing and web development since 2010.

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