Author: Gretchen Kalthoff

hipaa compliance

Posted on March 01, 2016 by Gretchen Kalthoff

When it comes to web hosting, it is crucial that you select a web hosting company that not only ensures your healthcare organization’s website is HIPAA compliant and 100% secure,…Read more

online marketing

Posted on February 24, 2016 by Gretchen Kalthoff

In a rapidly changing environment, it’s imperative that healthcare marketers remain focused on innovation, industry issues, trends and new technologies. Here, we look at a few key focus areas that…Read more

secure web hosting

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Gretchen Kalthoff

When choosing a web hosting company for your medical practice, it pays to work with a company that understands the priorities and risks when dealing with personal health information (PHI).…Read more

landing page

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Gretchen Kalthoff

A well constructed and maintained website works round the clock for your business. It’s the basis of all medical practice internet marketing, communicating who you are and what you do.…Read more

medical web design trends

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Gretchen Kalthoff

Trends come and go constantly, from fashion to food, fitness to foreign places. They tend to lure us in, tempting us to adopt the “latest thing”, yet it’s important to…Read more

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Gretchen Kalthoff

If you are considering a medical app for your organization, understanding data security and how HIPAA applies to healthcare web development is critical. In most cases, a medical app will…Read more

responsive design

Posted on February 09, 2016 by Gretchen Kalthoff

With each new year comes new medical web design trends, and in 2016 responsive design has officially taken over the web. A responsive web design “responds” to the screen size of…Read more

medical web design navigation

Posted on February 05, 2016 by Gretchen Kalthoff

When someone lands on your webpage, there is a very short window of time (roughly 10 to 20 seconds) where they will make the decision to stay or go –…Read more

medical seo

Posted on February 04, 2016 by Gretchen Kalthoff

Link building can best be described as roads to a web page. It is the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website and, as…Read more

medical web design

Posted on January 28, 2016 by Gretchen Kalthoff

Think of your medical web design like a billboard to the world – it says everything about your medical practice online. A well-designed site says that you value your customers…Read more

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