Why Does Your Medical Practice Need Electronic Patient Intake Forms?

Electronic intake forms deliver high ROI for healthcare organizations, yet many patient portal companies don’t offer this valuable feature. This is a shame considering that as practices and hospitals migrate from paper forms to e-forms, they are looking for ways to automate and store patient records electronically and move them into their EMRs. The benefits of utilizing intake forms within a patient portal include: Improved productivity. Staff members spend less time processing completed forms, as patients are able …

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Patient Portal and Online Bill Pay

Online bill pay is one the most popular reasons for healthcare practices and hospitals to adopt patient portals. The benefits are clear as realizing a strong return-on-investment is easy. Bridge is the best patient portal solution for your online medical bill pay needs. Just One-Click from your patient’s portal home page External website forms Our external online bill pay form is a secure form that is installed on your website which enables patients to pay their bill online …

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Innovative Healthcare Delivery

Innovative Healthcare Delivery has a new website! This healthcare organization was founded on the belief that by improving efficiencies in the healthcare system they can enhance quality outcomes and reduce costs, while creating a better patient experience. Innovative Healthcare Delivery works with patients – ensuring that they get the most out of programs provided by Employer Groups, Self Funded Plans, Fully Insured Plans, State and Federal Plans, and Hospitals. To learn more about Innovative Healthcare Delivery’s services, visit …

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The Convenience of Patient Portal Prescription Refill Requests

Improving processes within a healthcare organization is a top priority for most practice managers and hospital administrators these days. With patients calling in to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, and find out test results, office staff members have a lot on their plate. Attending to refill requests alone can occupy hours of time each week. It’s a process that requires the full and immediate attention of staff members, as they must stop whatever work they are doing in …

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Tech Savvy Patients Want Options: Is Your Healthcare Practice Ready?

Over the course of the coming year, and especially in the next six months, millions of Americans between the ages of 19 and 34 will be purchasing health insurance and joining the ranks of the newly insured. This is big news for healthcare practices, as it means that many new patients will be entering the market and searching for doctors. A great majority of these new entrants happen to be very tech savvy, and they expect you to …

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Medulous.com Beta Launch: New Website Helps People Avoid Bad Medical Treatments

Newly launched website Medulous.com revolutionizes the way people make healthcare decisions by allowing patients to read and write unbiased online reviews about their medical treatment experiences. SAN DIEGO, Sept. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A new concept aiming to help empower patients to make better-informed decisions about their healthcare, newly launched beta-version website Medulous.com allows patients and health professionals to write reviews for medical treatments online. By facilitating the exchange of information between patients and physicians, Medulous helps users avoid …

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Alan S. Brown, M.D.

Dr. Alan S. Brown, M.D. has a new website! Dr. Brown is a board-certified clinical psychiatrist and psychologist based in Englewood, New Jersey, where he’s practiced for 20 years. Using his expertize in psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, cognitive behavioral therapy and insight-orientate therapeutic approaches, he treats a wide range of emotional conditions, such as depression, anxiety, stress-related disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder and adult attention deficit disorder. Dr. Brown likes to provide a warm, supportive and non-judgmental environment, where a strong partnership …

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Google Takes New Stab At Healthcare: Has the Giant Gone Mad?

Just when we thought Google was taking a step back from healthcare, after its unsuccessful foray into personal health records with “Google Health” was all but bust, the Internet giant pulled a ‘Gotcha!’ and declared it’s back. In a press release on September 18, Google announced Calico, a new health company whose main focus will be combating aging and related disease. Not satisfied with running the show online, it seems, Google now wants to play God and extend …

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Is Your Healthcare Organization Ready to Use eConsultations?

With goods and services increasingly moving online, healthcare organizations are beginning to adopt supporting technologies to help improve patient experiences and treatment outcomes. Telehealth, telemedicine and patient portal technologies are two of the solutions that are getting more use among healthcare providers – and they have opened up the door to eConsultations. While a patient portal is the bridge between physicians and patients, an eConsultation is the vehicle that transports individuals across. eConsultation features allows practices to generate …

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Automated Appointment Requests Will Save Your Healthcare Practice Time

How many times per week does your office receive appointment requests from patients? Although some physicians and hospital administrators may have an idea, most don’t know the answer to this question. Estimates range from 30 to 50 for small practices to more than 500 for large hospitals. Regardless of what the actual number is, it amounts to dozens of hours that employees are spending on the phone every month. In fact, scheduling an appointment over the phone can …

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