Four Productivity Apps for Physicians

There are many applications developed for smartphones and tablets that allow people to get organized, become more efficient, and save time. There are productivity apps that help doctors streamline correspondence, store and manage notes for later reference, and even make it possible to perform simple tasks, like printing, without great complication. Knowing which tools to use can make a great deal of difference. Here are four apps that we recommend downloading today: 1. Evernote This is one of …

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The Dos and Don’ts of Running a Company Meeting

An effective meeting accomplishes a predetermined set of goals in a constructive way while using company time efficiently.  Following the proper rules for appropriate meeting behavior (note: these are rules for both meeting leaders and attendees!) helps make it more valuable, briefer, and a better experience for all involved. DO: Set a clear objective before the meeting.  Think about what you would like the meeting to accomplish and to what extent.  Go beyond “review performance reports” or “discuss …

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