Electronic Medical Consultations on the Patient Portal

One of the top selling point features of a patient portal is the electronic medical consultation, also referred to as an eConsultation, eVisit or Virtual Visit.  The electronic consultation serves as means of communication between the patient and the doctor and can done via email, phone, text message and webcam video.  This is one of the biggest benefits of having a portal for both the doctor and the patient alike. The electronic medical consultation is a great incentive …

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Medical Website Blogging: Blogspot vs. WordPress

Keeping a blog is a great method of internet marketing for a medical website.  It’s an effective way to keep patients informed on the practice’s latest news and accomplishments, as well as answer commonly asked questions.  Blogging is a more modern alternative to the newsletter, which is more advantageous because it cuts down on the cost of printing and mailing that a newsletter would have.  Blogs also reach a broader audience because they require no mailing lists and …

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How Can I Help Market my Medical Practice?

Once you have developed a good website, possibly a patient portal and everything else is set up correctly, you should start asking yourself; “Ok, what’s next?” Websites are a great tool to introduce yourself to the world, but that alone won’t get your name out there. As in every other business, you have to make an effort to bring in new clients, or in this case, patients. Doing this online means creating relevant content, keeping it up to …

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Why Create a Video for your Website?

Thinking about creating a video for your website? According to a comScore report, 76 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in May 2011 for an average of 15.9 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience engaged in more than 5.6 billion viewing sessions during the course of the month.  Online videos are not going anywhere. Keep reading for a few reasons we encourage all of our medical clients to create videos. 1) A Warm Welcome: …

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10 Cool Communication and Information Elements You Should Add to Your Medical Website

1.   Custom Search With the custom search in your website, you can let your visitors search your site and also other interesting websites you chose. You can even earn revenue from your site with sponsored results. 2.   Maps This is the best way to show your practice locations, not just your address, but also the exact spot on the map! 3.   Calendar Add the Calendar element to your site, and show visitors dates of important events. You can …

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How to Write a Medical SEO Friendly Blog Post

Are you thinking about starting a content marketing campaign to increase your medical practice’s visibility in search engines? Follow these 10 steps to create SEO-friendly blog posts. Write the blog entry.  Two to three short paragraphs is more than enough. Write about keyword related topics that are interesting for all customers and potential customers. All articles should be new and original content. Do not duplicate content on multiple blogs or articles. Write about current events that may relate …

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EMR Software Provider Bizmatics Introduces New, Easy Way to Track Progress on ARRA Meaningful Use Requirements

July 5, 2011 (San Jose, CA) – Clinical and business productivity solutions provider Bizmatics is announcing the launch of the ARRA Dashboard in their flagship EMR software PrognoCIS.  Dedicated to making it easier than ever for practices to obtain their ARRA funding, Bizmatics’ new tool allows users to track their progress on meeting the requirements for Meaningful Use. The ARRA allots for federal incentives to practices and hospitals that use electronic medical records in order to help cover …

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How much should I pay for a website and marketing for my medical practice?

Let’s look at the options: 1. Template Website vs. Custom Website Creating a template site is relatively easy and can be done very inexpensively or even free.  Those are about the only benefits from a template site.  The drawbacks are: A.) The site will not be optimized correctly for search engines.  This means that it will be much more difficult for Google to sort and rank your site, so potential clients will not be able to find you …

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Bergen County Spine Clinic Spine & Joint Center Offers New Stem Cell Treatment Options for Chronic Joint Problems

June 23, 2011 (Hackensack, NJ) – A spine clinic in Bergen County recognized as a leader in pain management and orthopedic treatments is now offering a revolutionary treatment for individuals with chronic joint problems using the patient’s own stem cells.  Performed at Spine & Joint Center by Dr. Damon Noto, the treatment utilizes adult stem cells harvested from the patient’s own fat cells (not controversial embryonic stem cells), which are then injected into the injured joint to help …

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9 Tips for Crafting More Successful Article Titles

Your title is one of the most important factors in your writing.  Especially when writing for medical practice marketing and SEO purposes, a well-crafted title can make the difference between your article being seen, shared, and indexed by Google and your writing being totally ignored. Here are nine ways to improve your SEO article titles and see content writing success. Remember that you’re writing for more than one audience. You’re writing for search engine robots and for people.  …

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