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Posted on May 07, 2011 by Melissa Le Furge

Implementing a patient portal is a great source of increased revenue for any health care practice. Patient portals are online applications for doctors and patients that streamline communication, medical records…Read more

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Posted on May 06, 2011 by Candice Claassen

Twitter for Doctors: Twitter is faster and shorter. It’s only a status message of 140 characters – so you really need to be careful. This tool allows you to build…Read more

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Posted on May 05, 2011 by Candice Claassen

To start with Facebook, you will need to set up a fan page for your medical practice. Once completed, you can start posting. It’s recommended not to post too much…Read more

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Posted on May 04, 2011 by Candice Claassen

Medical social networks are one of the best new internet tools to market something.   Once you have your professional website, you should consider medical social media as a good way…Read more

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Posted on May 02, 2011 by Candice Claassen

The U.S. Economy is expected to grow 3.5 to 4 percent in the year 2011 compared to just under 3 percent growth recorded in the year 2010. Most of this…Read more

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Posted on April 29, 2011 by Javier Shannon

Google Places: How do I make it Work!? Setting up Google Places Listing really helps in local internet marketing for doctors. The first steps to creating your Google places listing…Read more

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Posted on April 27, 2011 by Javier Shannon

Search Engine Optimization One of the most important things when doing  Medical SEO is finding the best keywords to match the site you are working on. First scan the website…Read more

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Posted on April 20, 2011 by Javier Shannon

Social media has become far more than making friends and keeping in touch. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are becoming an integral part of today`s online marketing strategy,…Read more

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