Getting Your Health Care Site Mobile-Friendly

mobile friendly, responsive design

Mobile usage continues to grow daily, and so is the scope of what people are exactly using their smartphones to do.  People have become more comfortable buying, managing their banking, as well as getting information about their health care via their mobile devices than they were years ago. In fact, over half of all smartphone owners (62%) have used their smartphone to get information about a health condition in the past year.  Having your healthcare practice mobile-friendly is …

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5 Ways to Improve your Medical Practice’s Website

A  website is the visual representation of your practice, and it’s one of the first things a potential patient will view.  It is important that your medical practice’s site clearly depicts your brand and what sets you apart from competing practices.  Making sure your website provides good user experience puts you one step closer to securing more business. Here are 5 ways to improve your medical practice’s website:

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5 Ways to Engage Your Patients Through Your Facebook Page

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Nowadays, technology is allowing business owners more opportunities than ever before to connect with their clients. Facebook can be a great way to engage with your patients on a personal level, as well as being utilized as a marketing tool to showcase and promote your business to others. Here are a five things to consider while creating or updating your account, so your practice gets the most out of the medical marketing services that Facebook has to offer.

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Why Private Practices are Abandoning Insurance – and It’s Not Slowing Down

health insurance

Many private practices are starting to feel the pinch brought on by the Affordable Care Act. Rising costs and red tape, coupled with declining payments and revenue, are causing many practitioners to switch to employment in hospitals with the potential of greater earnings.  But those who prefer to stay in private practice are increasingly opting out of insurance altogether.

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Not Considering a Patient Portal This Year? You Should Be

patient portal

The benefits of implementing patient portal technology and services make it a win-win situation for both patients and physicians. Not only does a portal help patients participate more actively in their own health, but portals also save the practice a significant amount of time, staff resources, and money.

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Want More Patient Testimonials? Here’s How to Get Them

woman typing patient testimonial

Patient testimonials can be a great way to increase your online presence and client base, your medical SEO ranking, and also show potential patients that you offer the best care available. According to Nielsen’s most recent Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages report, online reviews and testimonials are one of the most-trusted types of information. Don’t underestimate the power your patients have in shaping the face of your business. Here’s how to get the most out of your …

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It’s Easier Than Ever to Get New Patients (If You Know Where to Look)

google near me

In 2011, Google created the “near me” search clause, which Google uses for searches that it feels warrant geographically specific results. And since then, “near me” searches have increased almost 34 times, and even doubled in the past year. People looking for treatment will use this feature to find the nearest appropriate medical practice.

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How Healthcare Social Networks Are Changing the Medical Industry

social networking

Healthcare providers are increasingly using social networks to find research and treatment information, career tips, and the chance to collaborate and communicate securely with colleagues. Research shows that physicians are often too busy to keep up-to-date with medical journals and attend conferences, and are more likely to adopt new procedures and treatments if information is shared with them through social networks.

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