Social Media Study: The Psychology of Sharing

Digital sharing boils down to relationships. Creating a popular post requires not only connecting with your audience but, more importantly, appealing to your audience’s motivation to connect with each other. A recent New York Times study delineated six personas of online sharers as defined by their emotional motivations, desired self-presentation, role of sharing in life, and value of being the first to share.  The results include: Altruists: helpful, reliable, e-mail, thoughtful, connected. Careerists: LinkedIn, valuable, intelligent, network. Hipsters: …

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4 Ways Digital Marketing Will Change in 2015

As the new year approaches, companies are thinking about how to allocate their marketing budget in consideration of digital shifts that will affect all industries in 2015. To the consumer, digital space will become more personal and anticipatory. To the marketer, digital space will become more data-driven, interconnected, and malleable in real-time. Keeping an eye on digital marketing’s evolution will be critical to harnessing the capabilities of big data and pretargeting next year. Read on to learn about …

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Beat the B2B Holiday Slowdown by Marketing on Facebook

While November and December sales tend to increase for consumer-based companies, certain categories – namely B2B businesses and medical practices – may actually see a slowdown during the holiday season.  Social media has proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for all types of businesses, and harnessing Facebook’s marketing potential can help even B2B companies and practices boost sales during slow holiday months. Foregoing medical marketing services or social media engagement during the holidays is a big …

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Why Physicians are Slow to Take the Digital Leap of Faith

2015 is fast approaching and bringing with it new federal regulations that will force many healthcare practices to go digital. Some providers are struggling to find their footing before stepping into the digital arena, where they will face high upfront costs and the risk of penalties, often compounded by personal fears about what the digital transition may hold in store for the future. Upfront Costs Many providers’ most pressing concern is the cost of implementing new systems. Starting …

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Healthcare Community Sees Long-Term Value of ICD-10

ICD-10 is the 10th iteration of the International Classification of Diseases issued by the World Health Organization. It is set to be adopted by healthcare professionals by Oct. 1, 2015 after a year-long delay. As the compliance date approaches, more medical professionals are anticipating the far-reaching benefits of a common global code, such as easier and improved analysis of causes of illness and death, management of public health trends and threats, and effectiveness of treatments.   ICD-10 allows …

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Great Medical Web Design: It Isn’t About You

Whenever we start an application or medical website design, there are a number of questions that we ask our client as we gather requirements for the project.  One of them is “What is your preference in terms of color and layout?” We want to know what the client likes.  Maybe they have colors in their office that they love, or marketing materials they would like to match.  Maybe they’ve seen a competitor’s website that they love. But there’s …

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What Hospital Nurses Can Teach You About Teamwork

One of the best professions to turn to if you want to enhance your teamwork skills is nursing. Those working in the nursing field understand the extreme importance of effective teamwork because without it, patients won’t receive proper care and things can quickly go wrong in an emergency. These are some ways in which you can learn about teamwork from hospital nurses. Rebuilding Teams No matter the industry, there is always a need for rebuilding teams. A team may …

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Hospitals on Facebook: Elements of Healthy Networking

Healthcare consumers are increasingly using Facebook to search for medical advice and connect with other patients and providers. There is mounting evidence that Facebook plans to incorporate healthcare into its network more systematically, meaning the platform may soon extend greater influence over the medical industry. Hospitals can use this influence to their advantage by improving their social media marketing, so consider the following elements as you create and maintain your Facebook page.   Brand Building A successful social …

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More Patients Demanding Email Communication with Their Providers, Studies Show

New evidence is showing that more than ever, patients expect access to both their physicians and medical history. According to Health Data Management, over the last ten years, the number of patients that email directly with their physicians has tripled, and another study by Catalyst Health Research showed that 93% of respondents said they would prefer to have access to email communication with their physicians, and that a quarter of those respondents would choose a physician who offered …

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How Microsoft is Changing Healthcare for Patients and Physicians

Microsoft recently launched the ‘Band,’ a $199 fitness tracker bracelet that monitors personal biometrics 24-hours a day. It also launched the Microsoft Health app and Microsoft Health Service, a platform that centralizes consumers’ data from a variety of health devices and apps stored in the cloud. Perhaps most importantly, data from these products and other medical devices can be shared with medical providers through Microsoft’s HealthVault, an integrative platform built primarily for healthcare organizations. What is the ‘Band’? …

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