The Future of Local SEO: Tips and Upgrades You Need to Know Before 2015

While you may think that consumers can learn everything they need to know about a business simply by visiting its site, 97% of consumers get their first impression of a practice from search engines. What’s more, 75% of those consumers never go past page one of the search results, according to studies by Higher Visibility. If you’ve yet to take advantage of local medical SEO— search engine optimization– chances are you’re missing out on droves of clients. And …

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Webinar video: Meaningful Use and the Rise of Patient Portals (from HITECH Answers)

Patient portals are playing a progressively larger role in attaining Meaningful Use in 2014 and 2015.  This webinar from HITECH Answers features Jim Tate, a noted Meaningful Use expert and presenter, while he discusses the importance of having a quality, robust portal that works for your patients and your practice. What questions do you have about patient portals?  Let us know in the comments, or read more here.  

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The Cheater’s Guide to a Future-Proof Website

Everyone wants to build a website that will stand the test of time, but with new technology sweeping the market by the day, this can be a tricky feat. If you want a site that can grow alongside your business without requiring a complete overhaul every few years, you can save yourself ample time and money by making the right decisions now. 1. Build on an open source CMS like WordPress The first step to future-proofing a website …

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Social Media: Healthcare is Doing it Wrong

It’s no secret that social media has become a massive platform for medical patients to stay informed and share concerns about their conditions. However, searches for lesser-known or more stigmatized medical conditions reveal that healthcare social media marketing has definite room for improvement. For a case-in-point, try searching “warts” and see how much (or how little) information from real medical professionals pops up. Healthcare providers on social media are clearly ignoring significant patient populations, foregoing thousands of potential …

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Preventing Physician Burnout: 5 Ways to Control Stress Without Losing Control of Your Practice

Physicians, nurses and counselors are ironically some of the professionals most susceptible to “burnout” – a physical or mental collapse caused by chronic stress. If left unchecked, the tendency to “soldier on” through long hours, pressure to see more patients, and entangling government interference can culminate in a prolonged period of exhaustion and poor job performance. Physicians who suffer from burnout are likely to experience serious setbacks like reduced information processing and visual attention. And these symptoms might …

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Heart Valve Team Has a New Medical Website

Heart Valve Team has a new 10 page medical website designed by Medical Web Experts.  Their responsive website showcases a custom made register form,  forum, and customized content. The Heart Valve Team consists of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, radiologists, nurses, rehabilitation staff, and social workers.  These cardiac experts work together to evaluate patients’ heart valve conditions.  They determine whether a diseased valve needs repairing or replacement and which therapy will be optimal for the patient’s recovery.  Their forum allows for …

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In Turbulent Times, Remain HIPAA Compliant

While there has been considerable change in the medical industry over the last few years, the importance of staying HIPAA compliant can’t be stressed enough. There are a few simple steps you should take to make sure you stay compliant, especially in times of change when keeping your business in line with regulations can be a challenge. 1. Risk Analysis Creating a Risk Analysis or hiring outside help to run one is not just good practice, but a …

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Three Quick Tips to Improve Your Healthcare Organization’s Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can be extremely effective for getting new customers and promoting your brand. Plus, it can be carried out with little to no cost to your organization. Because of this outbound strategy’s high return on investment, email marketing has seen a remarkable increase in efforts, with more and more businesses recognizing the value of a successful email marketing campaign. In fact, according to, 56% of businesses planned to expand their email campaign efforts in 2013. If …

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Why Mobile Health Apps Are More Than Just a Passing Trend

According to a global mHealth report, 500 million people worldwide will be using a health application by 2015 – and if the actions of major industry players are any indication, these estimates are low. Companies like Apple and Samsung are betting big on health apps, and not just on disconnected applications that don’t provide real value to patients. While mobile health apps saw widespread adoption last year by consumers looking to track weight, vitals, and other health stats …

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Healthcare Industry Content Strategies: How to Get It Right

The healthcare industry is often criticized for lagging behind other industries in adopting new technologies that can make it more efficient and improve the consumer experience overall. The same is also true when it comes to content marketing, which involves creating and sharing valuable written and imaged-based content to acquire customers. Research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute suggests that the healthcare industry is a full two years behind with medical marketing services like content marketing and social media. In …

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