Five Reasons Every Physician Needs CRM Software

Running a medical practice means finding an efficient way to manage complicated processes and records while maintaining communication with patients. A note to the skeptics: CRM software does just as much for your practice as it does for your patients. CRM software helps medical professionals and physicians meet patients’ evolving needs while facilitating better communication and streamlining all the different processes associated with running a medical practice. Here are some examples: 1. Maximum Organization through Electronic Patient Records The …

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Now through Cyber Monday: Make Your Website Mobile for Only $995!

How does your site look on a smartphone or tablet? If you haven’t upgraded to a mobile website yet, now is the time. Now through Cyber Monday (December 1st), we’ll convert your current site design to a mobile-responsive site for just $995. About 60% of all internet activity in the US originates from mobile devices, and our medical clients are no exception – we typically see around 50-60% of their traffic coming in through cells and tablets.  If …

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How to Survive a Meaningful Use Audit

As tedious as they may seem, Meaningful Use Audits are here to help physicians. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have given out tens of billions of dollars in Meaningful Use incentive payments in just the past few years as an effort to encourage providers to adopt EHRs and other cutting-edge technologies that improve care and reduce the costs associated with health care for patients. The most important part of preparing and surviving these audits is …

Read More Launches a New, Updated Ratings System

Healthgrades, a leading physician and hospital review website, has launched a new ratings system to help patients find information about individual physicians’ quality of care for specific procedures. This could be good or bad news for physicians – depending on the steps taken to take advantage of these new tools. According to USA Today, Healthgrades analyzed 500 million medical insurance claims from federal and private sources of information about hundreds of diseases, conditions or procedures to create the ratings. …

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Google’s Newest Mobile Experiment: “Non Mobile-Friendly Site” Icons in Search Results

As reported by, Google has been testing a new “not mobile-friendly” icon in mobile search results designed to indicate whether a site is functional on mobile devices. The icon– a gray mobile phone with a slash through it displayed to the left of the website URL– complements Google’s experimentation with a “mobile-friendly” icon starting as far back as 2012. The search engine seems to be testing which approach works best with the smartphone interface. Google’s icon for …

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The Future of Local SEO: Tips and Upgrades You Need to Know Before 2015

While you may think that consumers can learn everything they need to know about a business simply by visiting its site, 97% of consumers get their first impression of a practice from search engines. What’s more, 75% of those consumers never go past page one of the search results, according to studies by Higher Visibility. If you’ve yet to take advantage of local medical SEO— search engine optimization– chances are you’re missing out on droves of clients. And …

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Webinar video: Meaningful Use and the Rise of Patient Portals (from HITECH Answers)

Patient portals are playing a progressively larger role in attaining Meaningful Use in 2014 and 2015.  This webinar from HITECH Answers features Jim Tate, a noted Meaningful Use expert and presenter, while he discusses the importance of having a quality, robust portal that works for your patients and your practice. What questions do you have about patient portals?  Let us know in the comments, or read more here.  

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The Cheater’s Guide to a Future-Proof Website

Everyone wants to build a website that will stand the test of time, but with new technology sweeping the market by the day, this can be a tricky feat. If you want a site that can grow alongside your business without requiring a complete overhaul every few years, you can save yourself ample time and money by making the right decisions now. 1. Build on an open source CMS like WordPress The first step to future-proofing a website …

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Social Media: Healthcare is Doing it Wrong

It’s no secret that social media has become a massive platform for medical patients to stay informed and share concerns about their conditions. However, searches for lesser-known or more stigmatized medical conditions reveal that healthcare social media marketing has definite room for improvement. For a case-in-point, try searching “warts” and see how much (or how little) information from real medical professionals pops up. Healthcare providers on social media are clearly ignoring significant patient populations, foregoing thousands of potential …

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Preventing Physician Burnout: 5 Ways to Control Stress Without Losing Control of Your Practice

Physicians, nurses and counselors are ironically some of the professionals most susceptible to “burnout” – a physical or mental collapse caused by chronic stress. If left unchecked, the tendency to “soldier on” through long hours, pressure to see more patients, and entangling government interference can culminate in a prolonged period of exhaustion and poor job performance. Physicians who suffer from burnout are likely to experience serious setbacks like reduced information processing and visual attention. And these symptoms might …

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