Reputation Managment helps improving medical practice

The internet has become an increasingly prevalent tool for people to communicate their thoughts on current or past experiences. The effect of this on the medical field is one of great significance to physicians who can inevitably be effected by the positive and negative feedback posted by their patients. Even the most skilled and qualified physicians can come across a dissatisfied patient. It is also no surprise that it is this type of patient who tends to resort …

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Concierge Healthcare Provider EliteHealth Announces New Philadelphia Location

May 13, 2011 (Philadelphia, PA) – Now a leading provider of Concierge medical services, EliteHealth is proudly announcing their newest provider location.  By welcoming internal medicine specialist Dr. Adam Sobel and his practice Sobel Medical Associates to their team, EliteHealth is now prepared to offer premier concierge medical services to residents of the Philadelphia area. An established practice since 1997, Philadelphia’s Sobel Medical Associates specializes in internal medicine services for a diverse group of patients.  Having been selected …

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Increase Practice Revenue by Having a Patient Portal

Implementing a patient portal is a great source of increased revenue for any health care practice. Patient portals are online applications for doctors and patients that streamline communication, medical records and billing into one convenient go-to location. Having a portal can greatly help a practice bump up revenue and save time, money and resources. Ah, the wonders of the internet. There isn’t much that cannot be done over the web these days. Filing tax returns, checking in for …

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Twitter for Doctors & LinkedIn for Physicians

Twitter for Doctors: Twitter is faster and shorter. It’s only a status message of 140 characters – so you really need to be careful. This tool allows you to build relationships and facilitate dialogue.  Even if your account may have been created to represent your business, forging personal connections and building relationships is also important, so don’t be hesitate to answer questions or just greet patients. Remember to be serious and protect your brand image. Be sure to …

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Facebook for Doctors – Does a Physician need a Facebook Account

To start with Facebook, you will need to set up a fan page for your medical practice. Once completed, you can start posting. It’s recommended not to post too much or everyday, as you will be mistaken for a spammer; don’t post as infrequently as every 15 days either, as you need to be active. So you have really think about what you are posting.  Useful information, new practices and new discoveries never disappoint. And always remember, the …

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How to Use Social Networking to Market a Medical Practice

Medical social networks are one of the best new internet tools to market something.   Once you have your professional website, you should consider medical social media as a good way of promoting it. In sites like Facebook or Twitter you can establish a direct relationship with your patients and target those on your geographic area of work.Plus you get some referrals of real patients and if they follow you, their followers will see the referrals and that might …

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Plastic Surgery SEO as an Emerging Attractive Internet Marketing Strategy

The U.S. Economy is expected to grow 3.5 to 4 percent in the year 2011 compared to just under 3 percent growth recorded in the year 2010. Most of this growth will come from consumer and business spending as well as personal consumption expenditure (PCE). Such changes in the U.S. economy present a plethora of new marketing challenges and needs for industries all across the board. Some of the most affected industries are those that were been hit …

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How do I set up Google Places for my Medical Practice?

Google Places: How do I make it Work!? Setting up Google Places Listing really helps in local internet marketing for doctors. The first steps to creating your Google places listing is to CLAIM YOUR BUSINESS. Make sure that your listing has not already been cached by Google, by inputting the phone number of the business into Google Maps. There you will either see a listing that already exists, or you will have to create a new listing. Generally …

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Creating the best SEO strategy for Physicians

Search Engine Optimization One of the most important things when doing  Medical SEO is finding the best keywords to match the site you are working on. First scan the website and see what types of words stand out, and also give an overall view of the site. Remember the most important thing at first is to get your site ranking, it doesn’t necessarily need to show up first, but it does need to rank in at least the …

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Social Media Can Really Boost Your Business, Study Shows

Social media has become far more than making friends and keeping in touch. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are becoming an integral part of today`s online marketing strategy, and having a presence on these websites pays off.  A recent study performed by two top research technology firms shows that having a lot of fans on Facebook – and a lot of followers on Twitter – is strongly linked to high profits and media buzz.  The study …

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