How Can I Increase Patient Portal Usage?

Determining how to increase patient engagement is becoming increasingly important within physician practices. If a practice wants to successfully attest to Meaningful Use Stage 2, as part of the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs, it will need to prove that patients are actively engaged in using their patient portal. Here are some suggested tips for getting patients (even reluctant ones) to register to use the portal and to continue using it over time. Raising Patient Awareness This …

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Hire the Right People for Your Medical Practice

It takes time and money to recruit and train new staff, and hiring the wrong person can affect your medical practice’s bottom line. To maintain a well-functioning business, make the most of the recruitment process, and improve the odds of hiring a qualified candidate that is a good fit for your practice, your healthcare organization can employ a few simple, tried-and-tested strategies. Make a list of attributes you want in an ideal candidate. This includes a list of …

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¿Por qué implementar un Portal de Salud para pacientes?

De acuerdo con una encuesta de Black Book Rankings, una empresa estadounidense que se dedica a realizar investigación de mercado sobre tecnología y servicios médicos, el 17% de los profesionales médicos quieren cambiar su Registro Médico Electrónico (EMR). Aunque la encuesta se trata de profesionales en EEUU, lo mismo se puede decir para médicos en países de Latinoamérica. Muchos hospitales, al igual que clínicas privadas, implementaron sistemas electrónicos de registro médico sin saber bien las funcionalidades que iban …

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5 Essential Branding Tips for Healthcare Organizations

With countless new businesses emerging in the marketplace, it is more important now than ever to set your healthcare organization apart from the pack – and establishing a brand identity is one way to do so. Here are five simple tips to get you started: Remember the three main branding objectives. 1) Help patients learn more about your organization; 2) convince them to choose you over the competition; and 3) make them want to recommend your organization to others. Focus …

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Four Productivity Apps for Physicians

There are many applications developed for smartphones and tablets that allow people to get organized, become more efficient, and save time. There are productivity apps that help doctors streamline correspondence, store and manage notes for later reference, and even make it possible to perform simple tasks, like printing, without great complication. Knowing which tools to use can make a great deal of difference. Here are four apps that we recommend downloading today: 1. Evernote This is one of …

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Mountain View Medical Center

Mountain View Medical center, practicing excellence in eye care, has a new live website! Mount View’s goal is to provide our patients with the best possible medical care in an environment of comfort and compassion. They offer a state-of-the art medical center with a warm friendly staff working together to care for our patients. Visit the new Mountain View Medical Center website to learn more about their services. To learn more about our customized approach to health care web design …

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Reaching Patients Through Quality Content

Today’s consumers aren’t interested in advertising. They want to be educated and entertained – and they seek out content that does so without coming across as gimmicky or spammy. Providing your target audience with content they find interesting is one of the most powerful ways to build your brand. It allows you to engage consumers, gain their trust, and establish yourself as an organization they want to do business with. Great content not only attracts attention, but it …

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There is No Such Thing as HIPAA Certification

4 Myths Surrounding HIPAA Certification for Hosting Providers As more physicians are integrating their patient EMR with third-party patient portals, they’re looking for clarifications on many issues in order to stay within the various regulations boundaries and to be Meaningful Use-attested. It can be difficult to differentiate fact from misconception, however, so let’s clarify and dispel 4 myths related specifically to HIPAA certification among hosting providers. Myth #1: My current or prospective hosting provider is HIPAA certified. Fact: …

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Consumers Want New Mobile Health Technology – But Is the Healthcare Industry Ready?

Based on recent research, consumers are ready for new mobile health solutions – but the same can’t necessarily be said about the healthcare industry. Widespread adoption of mobile technology in health care (often referred to as “mHealth”) is now up to the industry. This is true both in emerging and in developed markets. Especially in emerging markets, consumers have now high expectations for medical mobile websites. In developing economies, patients perceive mobile health technology as a way to …

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3 Tips for Online Medical Marketing

These days, doctors are beginning to see the importance of online medical marketing skills in making their practices more successful. Here are three tips that will set up a basic foundation for a well-marketed practice.  1. Defining your medical practice online If you are currently practicing medicine, you have also probably invested a good portion of your life working to earn the credentials that come after your name. Why would you reduce those credentials to one word? Describe …

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