Connecting Social Media and EHRs as a Research Tool

medical social media

A group of patients were recently asked if they would be willing to link their social media accounts to their EHR for medical research and to aid healthcare development. According to the study published by BMJ Quality and Safety, the overwhelming majority responded favorably, with 71% of patients agreeing to connect the two.

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How Health IT Will Change Healthcare in 2016

health IT

In an industry as large as healthcare, a lot can happen in just one year. If the expert estimations are correct, there are a lot of positive changes on the horizon. Patients and providers are set to benefit from advances in data analysis and increased rates of innovation; healthcare apps and the use of technology will continue to evolve patient-doctor communication; and healthcare web development and new ways to manage patient-focused healthcare records will see the industry further …

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Designing Your Medical Website Above and Below the Fold

above the fold

The concept of “above the fold” originates from newspapers. Due to the flat display, a great front-page photo or story on the upper half of the front of the newspaper could greatly increase sales. This same idea has been applied to web design. Things that can be seen within the dimensions of the home page screen are deemed above the fold. In recent years, with the explosion of large format display monitors and the increased use of mobile …

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Top Medical Marketing Trends of 2016

medical marketing

With 2016 already underway, what are the best ways to stay ahead of the competition this year? Here, we discuss the top trends for medical practice Internet marketing to give you an eye-opening view of what’s in store for the year – and what trends are worth following and leveraging. 

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Mobile Health Apps: Trustworthy or Not?

mobile health app

The introduction of thousands of mobile health apps in the past few years has led to consumers having access to unprecedented technologies, many of which claim to help manage medical conditions, promote health and well-being and expand the level of care. Medical web development and mobile apps are being adopted almost as quickly as they can be developed.

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Healthcare Social Media Posts — Staying Safe Online

healthcare social media online privacy

Clearly, there are a host of benefits to using social media for your business, but it’s important to do it right – without privacy breaches. The risks and dangers can be significant, yet with a little bit of know-how and planning, you’ll protect your medical practice and appease your Privacy Officer. Firstly, be sure to take the following into consideration: Create and implement a clear social media policy. Educate your workforce on the policy and HIPAA. Use examples …

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Protecting Your Hospital Brand — What NOT to Do

hospital patients and doctor

A good brand is at the core of any successful medical practice. Your brand communicates who you are — the core qualities and features of what you offer. You can find a multitude of sources and marketing for doctors that provide advice and tips on building a successful brand, but it’s also helpful to know what not to do. Here, we explore what not to do to keep your brand healthy.

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How to Build a Medical SEO Landing Page That Benefits Your Business


There are a plethora of digital tools available today to help market your practice. Yet, as the tools to further empower your marketing grows, so does the competition. Perhaps one of the most well known and talked about tools is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In simple terms, this means increasing the number of visitors to your site by ranking well (i.e., high visibility) in a search engine’s organic, or unpaid results. Consequently, improving your medical SEO can potentially …

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The Top 6 Medical Web Design Trends to Build Patient Loyalty

Your website is an essential tool for your business, and a well-designed site will ensure that customers have a simple, user-friendly experience, and most importantly, motivation to visit again. One of the most important but overlooked aspects of web design is utilizing a website to build patient loyalty and customer satisfaction. Here are 6 top medical website design trends to encourage current and potential patients to keep coming back. 1. Responsive Design Websites should adapt and work seamlessly on any …

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