5 Keys for Medical Website Hosting – Part 2: HIPAA Compliance

hipaa compliance

When it comes to web hosting, it is crucial that you select a web hosting company that not only ensures your healthcare organization’s website is HIPAA compliant and 100% secure, but also provides every necessary feature for protecting patients’ personal health information (PHI). In part one of our five part medical website hosting series, the importance of secure web hosting was highlighted. Part two focuses on why it is necessary for web hosting to be HIPAA-compliant.

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5 Keys for Medical Website Hosting – Part 1: Security

secure web hosting

When choosing a web hosting company for your medical practice, it pays to work with a company that understands the priorities and risks when dealing with personal health information (PHI). It is important that your healthcare organization has a 100% secure and HIPAA compliant website, and that you are provided with all the features you need for the security of patient information.

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Transforming Medical Website Traffic Into Leads with Landing Pages

landing page

A well constructed and maintained website works round the clock for your business. It’s the basis of all medical practice internet marketing, communicating who you are and what you do. Prospective patients can arrive at your website via a number of ways – social media, a link from another website, a word-of-mouth-recommendation or through an advertising campaign. Yet while it’s great to have lots of visitors to your site, they won’t contribute anything to your business unless you …

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How HIPAA and Data Security Applies to Medical App Design

If you are considering a medical app for your organization, understanding data security and how HIPAA applies to healthcare web development is critical. In most cases, a medical app will exchange data with a central server or other third party. If your application is going to share protected health information with a doctor, hospital, or other entity, it must be HIPAA compliant.

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Link Building – Is This Healthcare Marketing’s New KPI?

medical seo

Link building can best be described as roads to a web page. It is the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website and, as a major tactic used in SEO, it’s particularly important in achieving high organic search results. Now, link building is gaining prominence outside the SEO world and moving into the mainstream marketing world as a vital KPI to watch. So why all the fuss? Here, we look at why …

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