Google Takes New Stab At Healthcare: Has the Giant Gone Mad?

Just when we thought Google was taking a step back from healthcare, after its unsuccessful foray into personal health records with “Google Health” was all but bust, the Internet giant pulled a ‘Gotcha!’ and declared it’s back. In a press release on September 18, Google announced Calico, a new health company whose main focus will be combating aging and related disease. Not satisfied with running the show online, it seems, Google now wants to play God and extend …

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Is Your Medical Practice Losing Money In Lost New Patient Opportunities?

When it comes to your healthcare practice’s reputation, you can’t afford to be indifferent – especially when it comes to the things being said about you online. After all, not only does information spread much more quickly on the Internet, it also has a much greater reach. This means that if a potential patient comes across a negative review about your practice or finds inaccurate contact details on a third-party site, it can hurt your chances of converting …

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Copyright Law 101: Using Online Images for Your Healthcare Website and Social Media Pages – Part 2

So, in case you didn’t read part 1 of this blog post (shame on you!), let’s quickly bring you up to speed: Hosting infringing images on your blog, website and social media pages? You’re breaking copyright law, and guess what? It’s illegal! If you infringe upon an image and the creator of the image notices, they can sue you for up to $150,000. Not looking so great, is it? Good thing is, at New Wave Marketing we are …

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4 Low-Cost Ways to Attract New Patients and Grow Your Medical Practice

Fluctuations in the economy, changing health insurance models, and cuts in healthcare funding have all affected how often people choose to seek out elective and non-urgent medical care. In fact, in recent years demand for this type of care has decreased, resulting in significant losses for physician practices. Now that the Affordable Care Act has expanded medical coverage to previously uninsured populations, however, things might be starting to look up. The newly insured, after all, are a new …

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Copyright Law 101: Using Online Images for Your Healthcare Website and Social Media Pages – Part 1

We’ve all done it.  You’ve probably already done it this week and likely more than once. We’re talking about downloading images from the internet for use on your company’s website, blogs and social media channels. It’s quick and easy to do – and let’s face it, the results are pretty effective. You type one word into Google Images and you literally have thousands of pictures at your fingertips. Do you know that using these images for your online …

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Creating a Free Facebook Page Can Add Brand Value to Your Medical Practice

We previously discussed the power of a website and why you shouldn’t focus solely on social media when it comes to marketing your healthcare practice and building up your brand. Social media can be effective, however, as a complement to an existing marketing campaign. It can allow you to: Connect with patients and start building lasting relationships. Become part of the conversation – or better yet, start a conversation of your own. Share news about your practice and …

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Website vs. Social Media: Where Are Your Medical Marketing Efforts Best Spent?

Limited marketing budgets can force healthcare organizations to have to choose between traditional marketing options such as a website and newer, fast-growing mediums like social media. The fact that social media profiles are free – and that 67 percent of online adults use social networking sites on a regular basis – can make physicians and healthcare administrators lean toward that option. What many fail to realize, however, is that social is just one aspect of an effective marketing …

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How to Make Video Work for Your Medical Marketing Campaign

When we talk about optimizing a website and creating content that engages site visitors, we usually think about imagines and text. The truth is, however, that video can be just as effective for conversions as pictures, blog articles and other text – depending on how the video campaign is carried out and where the new content is placed. Is your healthcare organization thinking about adding video to its newly revamped website? Remember that there are three things that …

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Setting Up Your Online Healthcare Business Listing In 10 Minutes Or Less

For the vast majority, online searches have become the preferred method of finding information, replacing the phone book and local directory assistance services such as 4-1-1. In fact, search engine powerhouses Google and Bing both provide public listings for businesses using information compiled from various sources. Unfortunately, the information contained within these listings isn’t always accurate. Therefore, it is up to companies to take control of their online business listings to ensure that contact details, hours of operation …

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How to Get the Best Medical Marketing Results on a Limited Budget

When you don’t have much to spend on marketing but still need to see results for your practice, it is important to choose wisely what you do with your money. To make the most of your marketing resources, start by identifying your target market so that you can focus your budget on whatever the best channel is to reach them. Focusing on one activity and doing it well will help produce the best results for your healthcare organization. …

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